Monday, August 29, 2011

More ways to do pancakes...on a stick is just one of them

Save some pancakes, cut up in squares, spread with fresh cheese and enjoy a sweet and savory snack

We love pancakes - they do eggs a great favor! You can have them sweet or salty - thin or thick, and even on a stick. Don't get me wrong, I love eggs in any shape or form, but nothing beats a pancake with your morning coffee - my clients prove it! Pancakes are by far the most commonly eaten breakfast item on my clients' menus and they won't give them up! If they can still eat pancakes, lose weight and be happy - more power to them!

When I make pancakes I usually try to make extra and have some as an afternoon or preworkout snack - this way if I get hungry, there is no need to scramble eggs and wash another pan! Cold pancakes also have a more solid surface and you can spread cheese on them - sweet and savory is my favorite afternoon combination. The other day I had some leftover blueberry pancakes and used fresh and soft goat cheese to spread before I cut them in squares and joined the happy pieces with a stick! Call me girly but it was fantastic!

Here are some of the pancake recipes I have posted before, and they are all really really worth giving a shot! Let me know which one is your favorite, I am very partial to the blueberry protein ones!

Here are some basic pancake rules if you want to maintain a healthy weight:

1. Go easy on maple syrup, honey, jams, etc. Feel free to have a tablespoon or two now and then, but don't make your pancake meal all about the syrup. Use some fruit to make pancakes sweet and juicy.

2. Try to eat your pancakes or crepes with cream cheese, olives, dried tomatoes, pesto, nuts, vegetables. It really adds to the experience and allows you to enjoy non-sweet satisfaction.

3. Do not overeat these healthy pancakes. Yes, they are better than your regular pancake-mix-from-the-store
ones, but they still have calories. Moderation is key!

4. Teach your family to enjoy all varieties of pancakes, just don't tell them what you are serving the first time!

Let me know how you do your pancakes?

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  1. As an American who grew up eating American pancakes (therefore, with butter and syrup), I was very hesitant to taste Galya's Addams Family-esque pancakes (hello? olives?). However, after setting aside the word 'pancake' for a minute, I tasted them and loved them.

    Think of other things that can be sweet or savory, like crepes, soup, or bacon, for instance. Enjoy these pancakes in more than just their sweet form, and enjoy them you will.

    Speaking of bacon, there's really nothing better than the taste of bacon with a touch of maple syrup. Maybe sausage.

    So, pancakes on a stick, ditch the blueberries and the cheese, and roll the guy around a link of sausage. Drizzle just a bit of syrup and you're done. Well, maybe wrap a strip of bacon around it to hold it closed... Voilà! The best blueberry creamcheese pancakes EVER!


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