Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scramble no more - 3 egg solutions for your mornings!

apple omelet creamcakes and blueberry coconut pancakes

I was talking to a friend the other day and she shared she gets bored with eating eggs or they don't appeal to her as a breakfast item. I just reminded her how packed full of nutrients the egg is, how valuable it is to the immune system and how it's nearly the best source of protein out there, not to mention the anti depressant qualities, the abundance of choline and lecithin...must I go on? So I simply invited her to cook a few things together and see how she likes them.

We tested three ''stealth egg'' recipes: the apple omelet (Art of Real Food style), coconut cream cakes (inspired by the TNT diet ) and blueberry coconut pancakes. There were a couple of challenges along the way: my friend does not eat dairy, so I had to use light coconut milk where I normally use heavy cream or half and half, and the cast iron pan decided to sabotage the apple omelet (hence it's cut in half instead of folded over in the above picture. My suspicion is that I did not put enough fat in the cast iron pan and that's how half of the omelet got stuck, making me feel like a poor teacher, but also I guess making us realize that looks rarely have a negative impact on taste :)

You can read and try the recipe for the  apple omelet here. 

If you are in Bulgaria or read Bulgarian you can order our first volume of recipe cards and get the original recipe, the nutrition information and the beautiful picture.

Here is how to make the creamcake:

serves 1 

2 eggs
2 tbsp heavy cream of thick coconut milk
1 inch vanilla bean
1/2 tbsp Tropical traditions coconut oil

Use a wire whisk to scramble the eggs, cream and vanilla bean. You can use vanilla extract instead but there is nothing that compares to opening the moist inside of a bean, the sound of carefully scraping out the flavorful buds, and seeing them rain all over the yellow creamy heaven below.

Pour in a large oil coated pan and cook over medium heat, spreading like a crepe. Turn over when golden and serve by itself, with cream cheese, creme fraiche, berries or almond butter.

For the blueberry pancakes, we used the same recipe I used in the Coconut almond pancakes, but we only used coconut flour, so we added 4 tbsp coconut milk and stirred in 1/2 cup of blueberries carefully at the end. Make sure the blueberries stay whole, or the pancake will turn a dark blue!

We are planning to get together for another ''stealth egg'' experiment, this time playing with some saltier variations. Let me know how you scramble no more! 


  1. They all look delicious :)

    As far as I have learned in my cast iron cooking experience (which may likely be extremely limited compared to yours) it's not a case of how much fat you add at cooking time as opposed to how well seasoned the pan is. From what I have read the ability of a pan to cook eggs without them sticking is a direct result of this and no new pan will ever cook eggs straight away.

    My favourite blog for cast iron care is at http://blackirondude.blogspot.com/. I spent a whole weekend prepping my pan's with his directions and had a stunningly beautiful finish, I never thought I would have a can of crisco in the house but seriously it did an awesome job. He recommends it for the first two layers and then suggests moving to olive oil or bacon grease :)

    I then promptly left it on a hot ring while I was eating dinner, it was supposed to be drying and I thought I'd turned the stove off. Completely destroyed the finish I had just spent two days building up. I have yet to find the heart to go ahead and strip it down and start again.

  2. Thank you! I think the seasoning may have to do with it because we use our cast iron pans so much and maybe it gets washed off over time. We also use coconut oil for seasoning, maybe that could be another reason. I hate leaving pans on the hot ring, it's happened to me too! Thank you so much for sharing that blog, I am off to read it!


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