Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Besan Pancakes

If you've never had chickpea flour before, you probably don't know that it's called ''besan''. You also probably don't know that it has 2.2. more protein than white flour and 5 times its fiber content. It has a very soft and filling flavor, and somehow reminds me of my great grandma baking cookies when I was little.

You can buy besan in all health food stores and use it for baking, sauces and stews, and starting today, in pancakes.

These are the ingredients you need for one pancake:

1 egg
2 tbsp besan
pinch of sea salt
cooking spray/butter for the pan

Mix the ingredients while the pan is getting heated up on medium heat. Dab butter or spray cooking spray on the hot pan and pour the mixture. Turn in about 2 minutes and you should see that it's nicely browned on one size.

Serve salty with feta cheese and olives and dried tomatoes, or sweet with strawberry cream cheese or some sugar free syrup.

Two of these could be used in place of mock bread, to make a nice sandwich. You could also serve them with dinner as a side to lamb or spinach dip.

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