Thursday, January 7, 2010

Steel cut oat pancakes

Steel cut oats have so much to offer when it comes to flavor and so little to offer when it comes to ways to prepare them. Since they are much more close to real oats, than oatmeal, they need longer cooking time. I was thinking of ways to use them and wondered ''what if I just grind them up?". Do I did. What I got was a bit coarser than oat flour or oat bran, but promising in texture.
The nutty flavor filled the kitchen as soon as I opened the coffee grinder.

You can use your ground steel cut oats to replace flour or oatbran in your regular recipes, or you can try these amazing Steel cut oat vanilla apple and almond pancakes.

Here is what you need for 2 servings ( roughly 6 small pancakes)

1/2 cup ground up steel cut oats
1 medium apple, grated, juice squeezed out
10-12 chopped up almonds
1 scoop protein powder
2 medium free range eggs
1 inch vanilla bean
butter or ghee for coating your pan

If you have time to make ghee, it really pays off in recipes like this, because ghee doesn't brown and burn. It adds a deep browned butter flavor, without the color change or the actual brown.

Mix all the ingredients together and let them sit for 15 minutes.

Heat up a pan to 1/3 of the maximum temperature of your heater. Use a brush to coat the pan with butter and cook 6 small pancakes, making sure they do not turn too dark. You can serve with honey and Greek yogurt.

1 serving (3 pancakes) has: calories 280, fat 10 grams, carbs 30 grams, fiber 6 grams, protein 13 grams

Let me know how you find the texture when you try. I found this very similar to a pancake with lots of nuts, even though it only had the almonds. The vanilla is very subtle and allows for some maple syrup, if you like.

Enjoy :)


  1. Interesting. I shall try this in my pancake recipe as well and see what I get. The cooking time on the steel cuts have always put me off.

  2. These didn't take longer than normal pancakes. Just make sure they are not thick, but rather thin. I am thinking with some raisins this may turn to cookies pretty easy. Too bad some mouse in the kitchen got a hold of the cocoa nibs.


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