Online services

1 hour phone consultation

If you need to discuss a training or diet related issue and you don't wish to enroll in an online training or nutrition program with me, you are welcome to purchase a phone or Skype call  consultation.

 Online training

I am happy that the Internet allows me to work with clients all over the world. Do you have a training or aesthetic goal in mind? Are you looking for the right coach to guide you to the body you would like to have, but generic programs and exercise classes just don't seem to help? It takes only a couple of months of individually tailored exercise programming for you to see results with your own eyes. Through picture and video analysis, Skype conference calls and emails, you will get state of the art programming and be on the road to success practically in a matter of days!
A lot of my experience and practice is working with clients with special needs, such as low back pain, pregnancy, postnatal recovery, posture improvement, pain and injury management, type 2 diabetes, fat loss and weight loss. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have a special need! I would love to work alongside your physical therapist or doctor.

Online nutrition coaching
Just like online personal training, nutrition coaching offers the best possible solution for your diet needs. You will undergo a detailed interview regarding diet and health history, food preferences, habits and goals and we will find the best nutrition approach to meet your goals.

Online training and nutrition coaching package


I lecture on a wide range of topics, such as pre and post natal exercise, children's nutrition, office ergonomics, posture and alignment training, and reaching as far as clinical applications of exercise for patients with type 2 diabetes. If you need someone to lecture at an event you are organizing, please contact me and I would love to take part in any activity of social importance. I have lectured in schools, hospitals, medical seminars and corporate events. Hands on sessions are available as well. Contact me at eatloveandtrain (at) gmail (dot) com and I would be glad to help.

Personal training
I currently live in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA. You can contact me and find if I have available spots for personal or semi private training. I also hold monthly free seminars for pregnant women and young moms, so feel free to write me and get on my email list if you are interested. Contact me at eatloveandtrain (at) gmail (dot) com and I would be glad to help with your training needs.

Cooking classes

What better way to introduce healthy food in your life than cooking? It's fun to incorporate new foods and ideas in simple and quick ways so that your healthy eating has a touch of your own. Fit & Fab is a group that gets together for cooking sessions with a schedule you can always follow if you join our facebook group page! I teach with my wonderful husband, who is also a nutrition coach and who is a true weight loss success story! You can always also email me for additional information. Private sessions and family kitchen health makeovers are available on request.

Contact me at: 949 429 98 00 or eatloveandtrain (at) gmail (dot) dom
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