There are many products that I mention or recommend in my programs. I am happy to offer them here:

RESISTANCE BANDS - we use those for warmups and some of the exercises we do at home; amazing for training in hotels and outside, great tools for strengthening and activation, stretching and reactive training

Red pair of resistance bands from Performax

Orange light pair of resistance bands from Performax

Other bands and band packages from Performax

FOAM ROLLERS - the Elite foam rollers from Perform Better have proven to be the most effective, wear and tear resistant and cost effective  type of roller I have ever used! 

STABILITY BALL -to purchase the right ball for you, please refer to the size chart on the purchase page.
The right ball matters a lot when it comes to stability exercises and having the right one will save you a lot of trouble!

THE STICK - for those places that a foam roller just won't reach you need it's evil twin - the stick. It's amazing for calves, ITB and TFL work, and a partner can use it to work on your back. Invaluable for runners, standing work station fiends and pregnant women.

COMPETITION KETTLEBELLS - a competition size kettlebell for your home workouts, or your competition preparation. Whether you are a weekend warrior, a kettlebell sport enthusiast, or you just need a tool for your fat loss workouts, kettlebells have it all. I personally own both competition and non competition kettlebells, and I must say the competition ones are my favorite to train with.

Are you pregnant or training pregnant women? Get my lecture on pre-natal training here:

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