Friday, February 17, 2012

This week's FAQ

I've gotten some interesting questions this week, and I decided to share the answers, just so they don't stay forever buried in my ''sent'' box :)

Q: Can I stop taking fish oil? It's making me very hungry!
A: I think you should keep taking it. What's going on is that you are finally awake to how undernourished your body is. Most people who experience heightened hunger after starting with fish oil in my experience are mildly depressed. As soon as the clouds clear up they no longer suffer from the appetite loss connected with depression or very high stress levels.

Q: Can I eat fruit with other foods? The combination diet says that fruit rots in your stomach if you eat it after other foods.
A: Yes you can eat fruit with other foods, in fact this is how most people I work with, enjoy their fruit. An apple and some almonds, or a banana with some peanut butter...I personally really enjoy pineapple with my meals, as it helps with digestion. In general, if you feel good eating your fruit with other foods, go for it. The body is smarter than letting something ''rot'' in there. While we are at it, food combining is a myth.

Q: What food can I eat in unlimited amounts while on a weight loss plan?
A:   If you structure your meals well, they should leave you satisfied. Satisfied does not mean overstuffed. I don't consider it healthy to try to find some mystery zero calorie food to fool our stomachs and brains with. Make sure each meal contains quality protein, fats, veggies (or fruit), and you will do just fine eating normal portions. If you feel like you are used to a higher volume of food, you can try to add blended soups at the beginning of each meal.

Q: Can I start fasting for one day out of the week.
A:   One day without food may be beneficial to some people. There is a growing body of research on the positive effects of short fasts for fat loss and health. My warning to most females going this road is to make sure the rest of the week includes plenty of nutritious food and that fasting is not just a tool to excuse days of random eating. I have seen some people do very well on 24 hour fasts and others go directly to overeating and unhealthy relationship with food. Be sure to examine your motives before you start!

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  1. Very "hot" questions you answered, thanks a lot for this! I'll show this to some close friend who've been asking the same things.


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