Monday, February 20, 2012

Blood orange and Meyer lemon curd

blood orange meyer lemon curd
with both blood oranges and Meyer lemons in season, this recipe was in order

I sometimes stand in the jams and preserves isle at Trader Joes and look at those colorful rows of millions of calories of sugar, all lined up nicely with their pretty lids, crafted labels and sticky, delicious insides. One label that always sits there beckoning, is lemon curd. How do you get it so thick and creamy, sweet and sour, sour and sweet...

As with most things I want, I just try to make my own. First, you can control the amounts and ingredients and you can make just a little (no jar of anything sweet is safe in our home, trust me).

I made lemon curd a few days ago and it disappeared so quickly that I could barely write the recipe down, let alone take a picture.

Today, I decided to mix Meyer lemon and blood orange and see how it turns out. The good news? It was amazing - smooth, creamy, flavorful, citrusy...mmm. The bad news: I only made one batch which was barely enough for two small servings, but we had to remind ourselves this is a side custard, not a central dish. Yet, I had to resist whipping a second bowl.

Now, the great thing about this is that it's dairy free, gluten free and for those of you that this information matters, this means a lot. For the rest of us, this just means you have another dessert in your arsenal that is low calorie (about 350 cals for two servings), has high quality fats and protein, and that's relatively low in sugar.

blood orange meyer lemon curd

To make 2 servings, you need:
2 eggs 
20 gr butter
2 tbsp honey
1 large blood orange (or regular orange)
1 meyer lemon (or regular lemon)
1 tbsp lemon and orange zest (mixed)

To start, take out the butter and soften it a bit on the stove. Whisk the two eggs, butter and honey together. In the meantime, place a double boiler on the stove. Let it heat and use the time to squeeze the lemon and orange juice. Grate some zest. Set the juice and zest aside. Place the egg mixture in the double boiler and start whisking energetically. In about 1 minute, as you see the mixture start to thicken, add the juice and zest and keep whisking. Whisk until you see a nice thick consistency. Serve cold with cut up fruit for dipping or just eat with a spoon. Enjoy responsibly!


  1. Found your blog from pinterest! I LOVE blood oranges and as soon as I saw this recipe almost died! It looks completely heavenly! I must try it and soon. I'll have to share with someone who's dairy free, which kind of butter substitute did you use/prefer? Is it a spread?

  2. I am really glad you like the recipe! You know I used regular butter but if I had to use a substitute I would go with ghee (virtually no lactose left in it after the butter is clarified) or coconut oil! Let me know how it turned out!


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