Friday, February 10, 2012

А note on recognizing achievements

I am looking forward to eyes closed stand up paddling
I've spent the whole morning studying on my PC. I was watching a lecture on proprioception, learning how to balance on one foot, eyes open, eyes closed, on a yoga brick, on the floor, then on a half right hip is the smart one, it gets it, brain says:  ''be stable'' and it responds like a soldier. Left one, not so hot, so it takes some warming up, stretching, practice, eyes open, eyes closed, then thinking about relaxing the hamstring, letting the deep hip muscles work, concentration, faith, perseverance....and then it clicks.

I was not surprised that I can cognitively retrain my hip to stabilize me. I was surprised at something else.
As soon as it happened I smiled and I was overjoyed with the achievement. Then went on to practice.

Is standing on one foot a big deal? Maybe not in the grand scheme of wanting to run uphill with no pain, but it's the keystone to it. Should I only celebrate the uphill run when I eventually do it or should I celebrate the steps that will get me there, like knowing how to balance properly?

We often forget to celebrate the small things and achievements, thinking we should win a medal or see 12 abs before we give ourselves credit for hard work. This is just a reminder to make that effort - it takes time to learn to celebrate small step success and when it becomes a habit you will see that anything is possible.

What did you celebrate today?


  1. Again I think about singing! Having a good singing lesson is always something that makes my day :). I think it is essential that we celebrate the little successes. I read about something linked to that in a chapter on Feldenkrais (by Feldenkrais himself) this morning which focuses on the importance of the little steps: "The negative aspect of learning to achieve aims is that we tend to stop learning when we have mastered sufficient skills to attain our immediate objective."

  2. I agree completely.
    This is how we cure frustration too, by celebrating!
    I believe we are conditioned by family/society to strive for big things, and this leaves little things uncelebratable.


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