Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday and apple chips

My Monday starts with a few scattered thoughts and ideas, so I am going to share all of them, hoping one of them makes the beginning of your week smoother.

1. Apple chips. It's easy not to let those apples you picked last September go bad. Simply cut them in thin pieces and scatter over baking paper. Sprinkle cinnamon or pumpkin spice and slow roast at 300 F (170C) for almost an hour or until golden brown. Serve cold with coffee the next morning or take to work. Your colleagues will be happier with more fiber in their diet, won't they?
2. Which brings me to my next though: office snacks. I am tired of seeing chocolates, birthday chocolates, cake and muffins in my clients' food logs. I would love to see some fresh fruit and vegetables and oat and forest fruit cookies. I would love to see someone who went through the process of making a healthy snack with love and attention. I am not saying chocolate is bad. I am saying it gets bad when everyone brings chocolate.

3. And here is to pretending you know, when you don't! I just got a phone call from a TV station asking me to go and discuss the effects of volcanic ash on human health and what people can do to protect themselves. I had to say I am sorry, but I am really no expert on that, and here are the people I think can help you with advice. Oftentimes, for the sake of not feeling embarrassed or letting partners down, we like to pretend we have all the answers. Life is much better when we let certain people have certain answers and we stay within our own area of expertise.

4. The power of food logging. In case you want to keep losing weight or adding muscle, you can't go without logging. You can log on a sheet of paper, your PC, an online forum, an online calculator, such as Fitday or Sparks or the Daily Plate, but you can be assured will have no idea why you did get or you didn't get results unless you log log log. You can go with or without counting calories, but you can't go without a tangible log of what you ate and drank. So start your log for this week today and keep it up! You will thank yourself later!

Have a happy Monday and a wonderful week :)


  1. I like your Monday morning thoughts. Think it's time I went back to logging (no calorie counting, please :))

  2. Good stuff.

    When I log my meals, I like to use something online (fitday, calorieking, etc.) You can enable sharing on your log so family and friends can view it. Get a buddy and read each other's food logs and see how much less bad stuff you eat.

    If you're not counting calories, but just logging foods, you can use Google Docs to make an online list.

    Happy Monday!


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