Thursday, February 11, 2010

Times article on 20 superfoods we aren't eating

or are we?

You can read the original article here and let me know what you think.

I love their list of easy to buy foods, so I am just going to go over what I would do with those, giving you one simple idea per superfood. Nobody likes complicated superfoods anyways...

Baked beans

Grab a can of beans, baked or not, and make a simple salad with green onions, apple vinegar and olive oil. Don't forget a dash of sea salt.

Green tea

You can make a very strong cup of tea, using two bags and only a cup of water. Cool off and take with you to work, only adding cold water or ice to make refreshing ice tea.

Oily fish

Pop open a can of sardines and serve over my favorite Mock Bread or a good whole wheat or oat cracker.


Use parsley instead of basil to make pesto.


Bake your apples and use instead of your usual dessert.


Juicing grapefruit takes care of having to peel it. Enjoy the juice in the morning or right before a meal.


Make tomatoes interesting, by slow roasting them or trying tomato jam. You can find both recipes here.


You can juice your own pomegranates or buy our favorite POM. If you like the fruit, try peeling it and separating the arils in a deep bowl of cold water. This will make sure your kitchen doesn't look like a crime scene after you are done.

New potatoes

My grandma taught me to steam them, then place them in a bowl with feta, butter and dillweed. Close the bowl with a lid and shake until all the ingredients have melted together.

Oats are best soaked overnight with a few raisins or dried apricots. Just add cold milk in the morning.

Poached eggs

Serve poached eggs on top of Greek yogurt with some garlic. You can also season them with cumin cooked in butter. It sizzles and makes the whole house smell wonderful.

Frozen peas

You can always cook them with a small can of tuna and a dash of black pepper. It's fast and easy and great postworkout food.


You can easily blend them with some nuts and make small, healthy bars, like Lara bars.

Dark chocolate

If you can find cocoa beans covered in chocolate, go for them. If not, you can always buy a bar of natural chocolate and enjoy a piece every day. It's not going to break your diet, I promise.

Frozen berries

These are much easier to find than raw ones and you can throw them in a blender with some yogurt and honey for some yogurt and berry cream.


Use pitted olives and sundried tomatoes to make homemade pesto. Serve with lean meats.


Blanche almonds and peel off the skins. Then mix with some dried fruit and enjoy as trail mix.


Learn how to make mole and enjoy this amazing sauce over meats and plain vegetable dishes.

Wholewheat pasta

Cook pasta al dente and then mix with some pine nuts, olives, olive oil and sundried tomatoes. Shave parmesan on top and enjoy with a glass of wine. The secret here is moderation.


Use turmeric to cook pears and apples, adding some honey and coconut flakes.

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