Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beautiful Fresh Herbs

It's extremely easy to make a plain dish taste extraordinary by simply adding fresh herbs. If you don't own a rich garden, like the one where these herbs came from, you can grow some in little pots on your balcony or buy them fresh from the farmer's markets.

Just a tablespoon of fresh herbs in your salad can make a world of difference to your satisfaction and aid in digestion and elimination.

Ideally, you should wash and store your herbs in a damp towel in the fruit and veggie compartment of your fridge, but you can also chop them up and store them in jars or ziploc bags or containers in your freezer. If you are short on time, you can always freeze a whole bunch in the ziploc, without chopping it beforehand, since once frozen, the herbs will easily break by themselves in the bag if you give it a gentle squeeze.

You can use frozen herbs directly on top of hot dishes and just let them melt or use on top of cool dishes and give them some time to soften, like I did with this salad.

Summer is a great time to stock on some high quality herbs for the winter, so don't wait and make it your next weekend project.

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