Monday, July 20, 2009

Veggie cous cous with a touch of Feta

This easy late lunch is easy to make and offers a great mix of carbs, protein and healthy fats.

To make it, you need:
1 cup of cooked and cooled cous cous
2 oz feta
2 small tomatoes of different color
2 sundried tomatoes or peppers
1/2 tsbp olive oil
fresh basil leaves, chopped up
sea salt to taste

Chop up the tomatoes and crumble the feta cheese. Cut dried veggies into small pieces. Mix all the ingredients and enjoy together, topping with the olive oil!

If you feel like experimenting, add some olives and capers for a completely Mediterranean feel.


  1. I have a box of couscous! I was wondering what to do with it!

    I'm off to the store, since I only have tomatoes of the same color. :(

  2. You made me laugh :) Most tomatoes taste very close, so use whatever you have.

    Cous cous is great a few ways:

    1. Boiled, drained, hot, with some butter and melted cheese and cumin (precook the cumin in the butter)

    2. Boiled, drained, hot, cooked in some butter, coconut flakes, pumpkin spice

    3. Boiled, drained, cold, mixed with smoked chicken, olives, tomatoes and topped with some chicken broth

    4. Oh, and a have another recipe that calls for millet here, but you can sub cous cous

  3. Oh, and don't forget you can always mix any grain or pasta with just pesto sauce :)


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