Friday, February 3, 2012

Shaping the path for fat loss is just the beginning

Oops, someone didn't shape that path!

You've probably heard the term '' shaping the path'' before. It refers to changing your environment and building new habits as parts of making a significant change in your life.When fat loss is the goal shaping the path means cleaning the cookies out of the cupboard, getting a personal trainer, and keeping a gym bag in your car. We can all do that, right?

But let me take you a step further from just shaping the path, because it's just a part of the puzzle. I want you to imagine that path as a part of a larger picture - sort of like a path in the woods, after all that path should be taking you somewhere.

In order to go from where you are now to where you want to be, you don't need change, you need transformation. You don't throw out the cookies thinking, wow, I really want to get transformed, you think you are throwing them out so you don't eat them tomorrow night.

It's easy to say: ''I want to change this'', but the word change is used for everything, from changing in and out of your gym clothes to changing your diet. There is simple and easy change, like going from coffee mate to half and half and then there is paradigm shifting change that I like to call transformation. In order to view your fat loss with the importance it deserves, especially when it also relates to health, you need to start thinking of deep down transformation. You need to view fat loss as something that will enhance who you are, and that will improve all areas of your life. You need to see it as something that will dramatically change the big picture and how you view the process of living and the gift of health.

I read this story once and it really stuck with me! A man was on the train getting home from work and he was very tired. There was a father with two kids in the row in front of him and the father seemed like he was not paying attention to the kids at all. The kids were screaming, misbehaving and being disruptive. People would look at him in reproach and he would not do anything. The man grew increasingly irritated and was starting to really dislike the father, to the extent where he was just ready to blow up that such a bad parent could exist. Then he decided to talk to the father and said: ''Hm, excuse me, but do you realize that your kids are being really loud and they are bothering everybody. You have to do something!''. The father looked up and said: '' I am really sorry, but we are just coming back from the hospital. Their mom died and they don't know what's going on and I don't know what to do.'' 

Do you think the man stopped being irritated, judgmental, and upset! You bet! This is the difference between change and transformation. This is the difference between seeing the small detail and becoming aware of the big picture.

So many people start a diet in January and by the beginning of February they are looking down at the scale going: "Well, this is not enough. 3 lbs!!! 3 freaking lbs!!!!! Why meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!'' I urge you to take a step back, because this is a sign. It's a sign you made changes - like added more protein to your breakfast or more veggies for lunch or a green tea in the afternoon. You are getting leaner and healthier BUT you did not get transformed and this is why that change may never stick. Change only makes sense as a part of transformation. You did not look at yourself in the mirror and go: you know, in a month I will be closer to my goal. I will be stronger or I will be eating better and I will be working to improve who I am.  While you are just making changes and keeping checks and balances you will get some results, but they may never last. If you  are transforming, every result is a building block for a better life, no matter how big or small.

If you think this is a head scratching concept, it's ok. If you are thinking, how the hell am I supposed to get transformed now?  It's ok. Just knowing that there is more that switching from one type of breakfast to another will make all the difference. Give yourself time and you will get there. Transformation starts with a change in perception, and to change your perception you only need a second, like that guy on the train.


  1. Lovely, lovely article, dear! I just reread it and i'm going to print it and hand it to several colleagues who are stuck into the "change" mode.
    I've thought many times that you have a gift to write...

  2. Glad it made sense. Some of these non tangible ideas are risky to put out :) Haha :)


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