Monday, February 28, 2011

Farm loot

I am looking at a basket of beautiful free range eggs as I type this and great thanks have to go out to our friends Greg and Lani for giving us this amazing gift. They have many beautiful chickens and ducks and Greg has a special passion for fruit trees. We did visit Greg's yard last year and had some amazing citrus and starfruit.

duck and chicken eggs, avocado (Linda variety) and cherimoya (deliciosa variety)

This weekend was a bit different, since we got introduced to all the chicks and ducks Lani has. The ducks are a happy family who spend the whole day in a beautiful yard, overlooking the city of Covina. We are told that kids and teenagers love to just hang out at the fence and look at pretty birds. We are definitely looking forward to having some delicious chicken and duck eggs over the next few days, and I managed to put in an Easter order, but these are so pretty we may not even have to color them.

Cherimoya on the left and beautiful Ophelia in my hands on the right (she won't grow any bigger)

We also got to participate in a cherimoya tasting, where we needed to rate them for exterior and interior color and looks, texture, sweetness and flavor. It's funny because we had bought one the week before at the farmer's market and did not like it at all. It was a huge surprise and relief to taste the amazing cherimoyas that Greg had picked. We had several varieties of which Deliciosa and Fino de Jete were out favorites. If you haven't tried a cherimoya and it's available in your area, don't miss your chance, since the season lasts about a month. Buy cherimoyas green and wait until the outer surface has turned lightly brown and a tad soft to the touch. To eat, remove the stem with a knife and slice the fruit in thick wedges. Eat the soft and custard-like flesh and discard the seeds (we are told in some parts of the world those are used as insecticide, since they contain toxins).

The ducks are so sweet and cuddly, I had no idea they could be held just like pets!

We will be going back to that happy and enchanting yard soon and I will have more stories to tell as spring and summer roll around.

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