Friday, October 22, 2010

Things on my mind

It's one of those rare times in life when I have so much going on that the folder of pictures of all the great food I cook is just that: a folder. No worries though, it's sitting patiently in there, waiting for the day I will wake up with a morning's worth of time on my hands, and publish the recipes and photos. Before that, here are some things on my mind:

ABOUT DREAMS. Not the kind you have while you sleep, but the kind you have while you are awake. Since the launch of the Art of real food recipe cards, people have been constantly coming to me, telling me about this dream or that dream they had and how funny they feel when they see us with the ''book'' in our hands, already a reality. It takes some time to make dreams come true, is all I have to say to them, but if you put your heart into it and if you do the best you can and surround yourself with wonderful people who all believe in you, dreams do come true.

and then ABOUT CONSISTENCY. These last few months have all been about consistency: answering emails, making sure everyone's phone calls are returned, signing books, meeting new people and making new friendships, working hard on the new volume of recipe cards, looking for new inspiration, cooking, training, checking on client's progress. There hasn't been many days when I forgot something or someone and yes it has been quite tiring at times, albeit rewarding, so please remember that consistency brings results. One month of an effort on a project is nothing, one month of training for fat loss is nothing, one month of dieting is a good start but in the grand scheme of your body, it's nothing. Unless you give lasting change the time to positively manifest, your efforts will all amount to not much.

and then about SERENDIPITY. The dictionary says that the word pretty much means ''making fortunate discoveries while looking for something seemingly unrelated''. Me and Diana have had so much serendipitous occasions recently, I don't even know where to start, but suffice to say that when things happen in a way that enables you to act, two things are a fact: 1) you have something important to do 2) it's time to do it

and also about being SELFLESS. Maybe here is a good time to share that my wonderful half, Roland, is taking part in an amazing charity event. He is going to participate in a one hour kettlebell event, supporting the Children's Hospital of LA. To those of you who already donated something, I send my deepest thanks. To those of our friends who supported the Art of Real Food because of the Angelia Foundation, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Taking time out of your day to give is something truly amazing and something only the kind human heart is capable of.

So without further ramblings, my friends, I wish you to be fortunate enough to dream, be consistent to work for what you want, keep giving to others and look for those happy times when things are just easy to do. While rare, those times change your life.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration, chicksky.

  2. You've just said so much with few words! Thanks for that, you really inspire!


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