Friday, March 19, 2010

Broccoli quiche

What are the three main parts of a quiche? The crust, the filling and the cheese. The crust and the cheese are the two places where most calories pile up and so quiche becomes this dreamed of meal that you can only have if you fasted the whole day or you just came back from a hiking trip. Well, not really.

In today's very diet friendly broccoli quiche for two, I used:

2 cups broccoli, steamed
2 tbsp cream cheese
2 large free range eggs (all the way from Hungary, oh my!)
2 tbsp Parmesan cheese
1 cube vegetable bouillon (I love those low salt organic ones)
2 long slices pumpernickel bread (you can use Mock bread too)
2 oz grated Swiss cheese for topping

Preheat the oven to 400F (190C). Blend the broccoli, cream cheese, eggs, Parmesan cheese and bouillon. In a long casserole dish, place the slices of bread or mock bread and pour the mixture on top. Cook for 25 minutes and place the Swiss cheese on top. Broil for 5 minutes or until golden brown and allow to cool off for 10 minutes. Serve with sour cream or Greek yogurt.

I find this quiche to be very easy to transport to work for lunch or a late snack!


  1. Nice! I make variations on this every few days! Almost any veggie or cheese works great. These would make a great way to use up tiny portions of leftover meat or veggies that don't seem worth saving. :)

  2. What a great easy dish! Broccoli is one of my favourite ingredients and I will attempt the recipe as soon as I get an oven! In the meantime i will make omelettes instead :).

  3. that's interesting, Is pumpernickle suppose to be a little healthier than other types of breads? Do you have to go to a specialty store to get it or will the regular grocery store be ok?

    I have a wonderful recipe from a nutritionist friend from around here called Chard Pie. You cook chopped chard stems and red or white onion slices with butter and than you add the chard until wilted. Than you mix that in a 9 inch pie pan with eggs and grated cheese. You cook 350 until firm. VERY!! Good. I even cut them into little circle and square shapes for my kids and they loved them. Thought you might like that.

  4. Bread is bread I guess you just have to adjust for calories. I would say going with a sprouted bread like Ezekiel is probably the best idea, the other way is to go with a sourdough bread.

    Chard pie sounds delicious, I must give it a try. Have been doing chard chips recently. What kind of cheese did you use?


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