Friday, February 5, 2010

Honey pepper salmon with coconut mango

Honey pepper salmon is probably the easiest way to cook salmon, fresh, or frozen. I prefer fresh for the tender and moist texture. To make it, you need:

salmon steak
1 tbsp honey per salmon steak
crushed white/black pepper
pinch sea salt

Grab a shallow pan and place over medium heat. Coat salmon with some pepper and split the honey between both sides, sprinkle with the sea salt and place in the pan. 5 minutes on each side should be enough to get the nice browned look of the steak.

For the mango coconut salsa, you need:

1/2 mango, cut in large cubes
2 tbsp coconut milk
a few rosemary leaves

Cook all of the ingredients together over medium heat until the mango browns and serve on top of the salmon. Enjoy with some coconut cream and try not to lick the plate (if nobody's watching I would go for it).

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