Saturday, August 18, 2012

What's up at the Fit Ink?

It's been a cool couple of weeks. I am adjusting to a new style of training, with a lot more movement and less weighted exercise (you will hear a lot about my Restorative Exercise paradigm shift in the next few months). Spent 4 cool days at Perform Better in Long Beach, where I got to catch up with the smartest and greatest in the fitness industry and met some very interesting new people (and ate some amazing Jamaican food, yum!).

I am getting ready to leave for Bulgaria, where Diana and I will hold our annual art vacation, with tons of cool stuff to do - movement, cooking, art, lectures, and this time all is happening at the beach so I am thinking it will be better than ever.

Roland and I are working hard on the FitInk, and over the last week released a free workout e-book for busy people, cooked some new and delicious recipes and are constantly on the lookout for projects, like our Gluten free beer review.

Our long awaited book, Man on top, is ready for publishing and we will be releasing it in early October, when I get back from Bulgaria. Our cover is so beautiful, I am seriously considering framing it and hanging it over the bed, taking the risk of being accused of bad taste for bedroom art.

What else? I bough over 20 books in the last month. I don't know when I will be able to read them, but I am working my way through the pile. I have the bad habit of reading 5 books at a time - last month I finished Deep Nutrition and one of Egoscue's books and while it's not going fast, I have started the Diabetes Solution, Wheat Belly, The Shangri-La Diet and When the Body Says No. My wishlist on Amazon is filling rapidly and I hope the 6 weeks in Bulgaria allow some time for reading. 

Hm, what else? I taught an epic spine health workshop with my friend and super star cervical chiropractor Dr Liz Hoeffer, and I am looking forward to teaching it again, as it is life changing for so many people.

Did I mention you can read my Restorative Exercise work in Bulgarian now? Check this out! 

I am probably forgetting something, so just ask me  what's up with X or Z and I will let you know :)

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