Saturday, May 19, 2012


FOOD REVOLUTION is just a metaphor, but it expresses what a lot of us feel: an urgency to wake up the world to the importance, value and future of real food. What is real food? The short answer is anything that your great grand mother may have used in her cooking. The 10 000 ft answer is food that's just one thing: beets, lamb, potato, yogurt, as opposed to a list of ingredients like the ones you see with very fine print at the back of a box of cereal (heck, we believe that real food is THE answer to our health, longevity and quality of life so deeply, that Diana and I called our recipe books The Art of Real Food)!

Today is FOOD REVOLUTION DAY - a day chosen by Jamie Oliver to unite the efforts of chefs, teachers, educators, nutritionists, trainers, moms, kids, neighborhoods and communities all over the world. In our own way, today everyone found a way to express the love for food and the desire to reach out and teach.

In charity events all over the world, the common effort is educate and collect funds to support the foundation, all for the love of food and for the great cause of returning food education to schools! Check out the FOOD REVOLUTION website and find where the funds go!

In Rancho Santa Margarita, Roland and I are holding two events, one today, May 19, where we got kids at a local park and did a super fun fruit and vegetable scavenger hunt, ingredient guessing game, obstacle course, planting seeds, and ladybug release. It was so fulfilling to watch kids get excited about discovering watermelons, pomegranates, yucca, mango and all the other foods we had hidden. Kids will get excited about food, and ANY food, including REAL food, if you give them the right environment to play, discover, create and celebrate! It was a blast seeing the kids walk away with watermelons as a prize instead of a candy bar, it was the height of our day looking at them try a loquat or a jicama for the first time!

Our second event is coming up, so you can still join it if you are local- Stone soup luncheon, is tomorrow, May 20. We are having friends come over for lunch, each bringing a real food ingredient that we will prepare on the spot! We will unleash the creative energy in on the spot recipe creations - Roland, myself and Rupina or - one of the coolest health coaches in our area who also happens to be a good friend of ours!

Excited about making change happen yourself! Our hope is that all we do is going to spark you to cook, teach and create a shift in the way you, your family, your workplace and community think about food!

Watch Jamie Oliver address the world on May 19 and see how sincere and simple change can be! What will you do to bring real food to the people around you?

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