Friday, March 23, 2012

Kiwi, cucumber and avocado tabbouleh

green salad

Parsley has officially moved into our fridge. From the look of it, it has kicked out lettuce, and it has almost replaced arugula, which I thought I would never see missing from the crisper. Ask my why - other than the clear craving that we have developed for it, it comes with some awesome health benefits.

A sprig of parsley may be a good decoration, but once it takes the center part of your plate, it now brings significant amounts of vitamin K, vitamin C, iron and folate - all of which we need to usually supplement with. So think of this salad as your supplement on a plate :) Of course, we need calories - and here avocado comes to save the day, with fiber, great fats and smooth texture. Then we need a crunch - boom - cucumbers provide crunch and cool. Something was missing though - so I added kiwi for the flavor and sweet and sour tang, but it ended up proving to be a great addition of vitamin C. As winter ends and we enter into spring this is one very green way to celebrate it!

To make 2 servings you need:

2 cups chopped parsley
1 medium avocado
2 small kiwis
4 persian cucumbers
juice of 1/2 lime/lemon
1 tbsp olive oil 
sea salt to taste

Clean parsley well. I like to soak it in a deep bowl of water with some salt and let the cleaning happen on its own. After I remove the rough stems, I chop it finely. Once done with the parsley, cut the avocado and kiwi in small cubes, followed by the cucumbers. Mix everything well, season with the olive oil, lemon juice and salt and let the salad sit for 20 minutes before enjoying ( I dare you!)

Hope this brings you satisfaction and joy, it certainly made us very happy :)


  1. I think I'll try this!!! thanks


  2. It's the one thing we keep growing in the garden year round Gayla! I love being able to walk out and grab the equivalent of $2 worth of fresh organic parsley right before a meal...well, until the black swallowtail caterpillars decide to invade! Thanks for sharing, and hope all is well!

  3. Patty, I am so jealous of your kiwis - they are absolutely amazing!!!! Is there a natural way you can fight those nasty caterpillars? Maybe you can plant something close to the parsley that they prefer? All is good :) Thank you Patty you are awesome :)

  4. It shouldn't matter if it's flat leaf or curly right?

  5. I find flat leaf better for salads :)

  6. Ive made this a few times now. Love it. The last time my avocado wasnt ripe so i used cooked egg yolks and sunflowerseeds instead. Yummmm


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