Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy birthday, dad!

I have only heard of people like my dad - they get older in age, but they don't age - they seem to get healthier and happier as time goes by! He's 60 today and I am full of joy! May God give him many more years of active lifestyle, an eager mind and a healthy body!

Some really cool things my dad does at 60:

Eats like a caveman
Hikes every day
Has his own personal training studio business
Grows his own vegetables and mushrooms
Does one arm pull ups
Brings my mom flowers from the woods
Joins us for fitness retreats
Never talks about age
Tries new exercises and techniques all the time
Keeps getting stronger and gaining muscle

I can say I am extremely lucky to have him as an example of a healthy lifestyle, and I can say both my parents have been a huge influence in my life, each in their own way, but I also think he's a great role model for all of us living an active lifestyle and eating a healthy diet. One day we get to be that guy!

1 comment:

  1. Your dad is definitely an inspiration! We all age, but we don't have to GET OLD!


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