Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spezzatino Magazine, my article, and the incredible Mr Klecko

I interviewed Danny Klecko for Spezzatino magazine a year ago. To say that I was impressed with his experience, wisdom, and personality is not enough, so please read the article and find out for yourselves.

Spezzatino magazine is a great and noble project to contribute to. If you've never heard of it, please visit their website and subscribe to one of the highest quality publications on food on the Internet. It's 100% volunteer effort: the staff, the editors, writers and photographers all contribute to make it possible. Profit goes to the Healthy Food Bank, an organization providing high quality food to people who can't afford it. For less than 6$ per issue, you will get amazing content on food, food science and nutrition, learn about cooking, read and try gourmet recipes, all accompanied by extremely beautiful photography.

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