Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Каle chips

You might have heard of kale, seen it at the store or even cooked it. Kale is extremely nutritious and is full of antioxidants, anti carcinogenic elements, and last but not least - Calcium. Think of kale as cabbage with lots of texture that is extremely easy to prepare. You can steam it with some garlic, nuts, chili powder and raisins or cranberries, add mushrooms or meat. For vegans, it becomes a great option mixed with couscous or quinoa.

I love green veggies, especially spinach and dock, and even though kale is cabbage, I like to think of it as a leafy green and choose to like it more than broccoli.

If you like crunchy food, you will LOVE kale chips, since they provide a lot of nutrition, but very few calories for the enjoyment. Here is what you need to make them:


For a couple of servings, you will need 4-5 kale leaves. Wash thoroughly with water (I like to soak them in water with some salt added to it), rinse well and pat dry with a towel. Cut the tough stems out and then tear the leaves into bite sized pieces. It's time to preheat the oven to 325 F. Place the pieces of kale on a large sized paper covered cookie sheet and drizzle with some olive oil. Sprinkle sea salt on top. To add spice, you could also sprinkle some black pepper or paprika on top. Bake for 10-12 minutes.


Make sure you watch the chips after the 8th minute because depending on their texture they may start to turn crispy earlier. Remove at the first sight of brown, since the more brown they turn, the less you will enjoy the taste.


Serve on their own or as a side to scrambled eggs, the combination is unbeatable!

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