Thursday, April 28, 2011

A banana what?

It's Tuesday morning...I skipped breakfast. We are driving towards LA and I am starting to get hungry. By the way, if you are a superhero on the way to LA on a Tuesday morning, please don't use a car, fly. Traffic jams work up an appetite...

We stop in front of Starbucks. We go in and I know, I know, I am saved, because they have fruit. I can have a banana and it will hold me over till we get someplace decent to eat.

As I wait for the lady in front of me to order a ''skinny mocha latte, no foam, one pump caramel ...'' I look at the bowl of bananas next to the tip jar and I try to choose the nicest one, so I am ready to grab it when it's my turn. Then I stand in front of the cashier, proudly hand him my Starbucks card and say: '' May I have a banana please''.

He looks at me, incredulous, and for a second I wonder if I said that in English .

Then he asks: "' A banana what?''

I grab my banana and smile: "A real banana!".

He looks back and says: " I am sorry, this rarely happens!''


  1. Not funny this second time two days ago:

    Galya: May I have a tall decaf please, with room for milk.

    Barista: A decaf what?

    Galya: coffee, please

    Barista: well, half our things are decaf

    p.s. yeah and the rest of your things are banana...


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