Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weston Price conference on the new USDA guidelines

I have mentioned how influenced I have been by the work of Dr.Weston Price and how much information you can get at the Weston Price foundation website. If you are interested in traditional diets and time proven nutritional food preparation, you would love the information and support.

Just this Monday the foundation held a conference including the Nutrition and Metabolism Society and members of the Healthy Nation Coalition. The conference aimed to expose the flaws and misuse of science in the formation of the new USDA dietary guidelines. This great video is worth every minute, so please enjoy. I promise more of my and Roland's comments on the new guidelines in a less serious blog post later.


  1. I have been wondering for a while why Americans think pizza with margarine instead of butter and no cheese (of course!) is the healthiest meal ever. Now I understand it's not completely their fault.

  2. It's very easy to eat more in the US, it's just that cheap and sweet and wonderful smelling food is everywhere. I believe that people have the strength to exercise some self control, but given how many times a day they need to exercise it and given that when they do choose to sit down they eat, they follow less than optimal recommendations, you don't have to wonder why the nation is bigger than others.
    The other thing no one talks about is that it doesn't take that much food to gain weight - a bit more than you should eat every day and you are there.


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