Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The beginning of winter

...has been unusually warm. I just spent the weekend at my grandparents, where the garden abounds in beautiful vegetables and busy bees and bugs. The almond tree has started to blossom and some of the strawberries were coming out. I picked some wonderful Brussels sprouts and broccoli that I made into a stew so complicated, I will probably have to publish it on the weekend.

I have been driving a lot. It's been beautiful and green in contrast to the grey and boring months that will follow for these fields.

I had a birthday a few days ago and just received this amazing fruit basket. You may not recognize medlars in there, they are the tiny little pointy brown guys. They taste very tangy and sweet, kind of like a tamed brown persimmon, minus the sleek part. Thank you, Petya!

There is proof I had a birthday, if you can find it behind the flowers! Cheers to 31 and a beautiful fall season!


  1. Those are amazing flowers but you are still visible behind them! :) Lovely fruit basket and field! Seems you've had a very happy birthday :).

  2. You are very, very welcome! Kisses

  3. Happy Birthday!! That is one big fruit and flower basket.


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