Friday, September 10, 2010

The Art of Real Food

I am thrilled, happy, proud and very excited to announce the publishing of our first collection of recipes. Diana and I are happy to present you with 25 artful, mindful and healthful recipes. The cards come in a cute box, and are an amazing gift.

We just presented the collection of cards at the Art Weekend we had last week, where we trained, ate great healthy food and learned art techniques like decoupage and stone painting.

The cards are the first of 15 sets that will all fit in a beautiful wooden box custom made and painted for the first edition. It was both a challenge and a very satisfying art adventure to decorate our own boxes and they ended up looking like pieces of real art!

Why buy a set of 25 cards? They are beautiful and bring on your desire to prepare healthy food even after a long day. I am not kidding when I say the pictures are mouth watering. The recipes are fast and easy and they require only natural ingredients you can easily find. If you are on a diet, don't worry, you can check the calories on the back. Looking to gain weight? Each recipe comes with advice how to increase calories, so you don't have to wonder anymore.

To read more about the cards, you can visit our website or our facebook page!


  1. Since a few of you asked me, yes these will soon be available in English.

  2. Hello. I'm just making sure I didn't miss anything. Are these available in English yet? I go to the site and I still don't see English. : )

  3. You haven't missed a thing. When we are printed in English, there will be fireworks on this blog!


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