Sunday, August 1, 2010

Honeydew sorbet

This summer inspiration came over dinner at Sage, my favorite place to eat in Sofia. The chef shared his melon sorbet recipe with me and his wife and a few days later I bring it to you with some minor modifications in the sugar content department. A quick Wikipedia search will show that sorbet is close to many other desserts, such as Italian Ice and Shaved Ice. I like to think of it as a healthy way to introduce cold freshness to your table without risking to break your carbohydrate or calorie budget for the day. It's also a great alternative for those intolerant to dairy (you can skip the mascarpone below and still have a great dessert).

To make 4 very generous servings, I used:

2 cups melon, cubed ( I used honeydew, but any kind will work)
2 cups water
2 tbsp honey
4 tbsp Mascarpone cheese
1 tsp vanilla extract

To make, heat up a little bit of the water just enough so you can dissolve the honey. Mix the rest of the water in and add the cheese and fruit pieces and vanilla extract. Blend on high and place in a bowl in the freezer. Two hours later, take out and blend again. Repeat in 2 more hours and you are ready with your sorbet. Before serving you may want to let it rest outside the freezer for 15 minutes so you can serve it easily.

You can do this with any fruit, peaches, strawberries, lemon and blackberries are my favorite!


  1. Very cool! Might try it here in Spain :)

  2. I bought a blender yesterday...inspired by your recipes :) The first goodies it delivered were:
    1. The above honeydew sorbet - turned out more than delicious & cooling, especially in yesterday's heat
    2. Homemade peanut butter
    Next to follow are the cashew soup & the chickpea soup :)
    Thanks, Gal :)

  3. You are the best. There is so much you can do with a blender, you will LOVE it.
    Peanut butter recipe please? :)

  4. Wow this stuff is addicting. : ).
    Yummy. It took a long time for mine to freeze, but I also used a tall and skinny containor. After letting it defrost a tad - I used my hand mixer before serving.

  5. I like this idea, stirring before mixing sounds like a winner!

  6. Peanut butter was easy:
    1. a few handfulls of roasted peanuts --> blender
    2. added a teaspoon of sea salt, a tablespoon of honey, some ghee (didn't exactly measure it, but 4-5 tbsp)to the 'chopped' peanuts --> blender again until the texture looks appealing to you.
    Mine was more chunky than smooth :)

  7. I made it with pineapple! It's very refreshing indeed. But I think I was too economical with the honey so it was not sweet enough. Next time I will try with peaches! Thank you for the lovely recipe :).


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