Friday, May 21, 2010

Mind and Body what?

If you try to call me next week, please leave a voice mail. Me and my wonderful friend and partner Elza, who happens to be a brilliant therapist, are leaving on a one week Мind and body vacation.

In some form or another, back when I owned a personal training studio, we always did these in spring. It was a nice way to get out of the city, get active and teach people how to eat healthily and spend quality time moving.

I did it by myself last year and while it turned out amazing, I really jumped at the idea to add stress relief therapy and body oriented therapy to the daily schedule. Tomorrow morning, I am leaving for one week of amazing healthy meals, workouts in nature, beautiful hikes and stress therapy. We expect to do heavy rope and band training, run sprints, compete in games, climb paths and see waterfalls, do some local sightseeing, and experiment with out minds and bodies.

I have ordered free range eggs, unpasteurized milk and fresh fruits and veggies from the nearby villages, and our hosts will do our bests to cook nutritious meals for us three times a day. We hope for great weather! I will definitely be teasing you all with pictures from the adventures! I will also be sharing the menus and cooking ideas both on here and on the facebook page! Come with us next time!

Read more about what happened at the vacation, here!


  1. Woops, took a peek at the facebook page - I can't read it. LOL


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