Saturday, March 27, 2010

What coffee tells you about your milk?

I don't know about you, but I like to have milk with my coffee. Hold the sugar, but don't hold my milk. The process of pouring milk is a beautiful one. Depending on the milk, one of two effects occur:

1) As you pour the milk, it drops to the bottom, then quickly rises to the top, giving the drink a uniform Siamese cat color from top to bottom.

2) This:
What causes this effect, you think? Is there more fat in one of the milks, so it kind of stays on top, or is there another trick to it...did the milk go bad and that's why it leaves white and fat streaks on top of your coffee?

Relax, I did not have bad milk in my coffee. In fact, I had very good milk in my coffee.

If you go to someone who has a cow, you will get the milk, boil it, then drink it. It's as close to natural as nature intended.

If you buy milk from a store, it commonly went through pasteurization and homogenization. Homogenization changes the size of the fat particles in milk, making them very very small, so there is no fat (cream) that stays on top of your bottle. This prolongs the shelf life of milk and makes it look better. It also makes digestion impossible and allows certain fats to escape into the bloodstream and damage your health. Some enzymes that end up in the bloodstream are even said to contribute to heart disease.

The milk that causes your coffee to develop a uniform color has been homogenized. The one that caused the effect in the picture, was not.

So which milk is better? The one with cream on top, like nature intended, or the one with hidden cream particles inside? You choose. It's your coffee, isn't it? :)

You can find non homogenized milk in some health food stores or under your favorite cow. I buy mine from the only organic dairy company in Bulgaria and I truly love it!


  1. Zdravei, Galya. Mojesh li da mi kajesh otkade kupuvash priasno mliako, i izobshto mlechni produkti i qica s dobro kachestva(pod tova nai-veche razbiram domashni :)
    Blagodarya za otgovora ti predvaritelno.

  2. Здрасти Боби,
    когато мога да пътувам до баба ми, си взимам от съседските яйца и мляко. В София си пазарувам от млечните продукти на Хармоника и от яйцата им (които са внос от Унгария).
    Има няколко био магазина пръснати из София, в които пазарувам, както и Пикадили, Била и Хит (всички имат Хармоника).

  3. :) Thanks to you I started seeking natural products whenever possible! Here in Verona (and many cities in Italy) there are milk machines - I bring my own bottle, press a button and get fresh, unpasteurized milk! The difference in the taste between that one and the shop one is that huge that I'd probably buy a cow if I moved away from here! Hahaha.

  4. P.S. But remembering the milk from the local farm in Sofia, I still think something has been done to the machine milk because the cream is not as thick... only about 2-3 mm. I remember cream of 5-6 mm and more!

  5. It really depends on what they fed the cows. Don't worry about cream content so much. Even if they did remove some of the cream, they at least didn't force the rest back in.


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