Saturday, March 13, 2010

My first experience with molecular food

Radi and Joro working their magic

Friday lunch was unusual. We started off with some mango ravioli, linden foam with edible gold, went on to enjoy chamomile caviar, then had aloe wafers, cranberry jelly and spherical yogurt, 40 second chocolate cake with vanilla cream and avocado ice cream on rice crisps...If I call the two professional chefs chemists I would be closer to what they do. They changed the state of typical foods, also known as molecular cuisine. They can turn yogurt to small spherical yogurt pearls, tea into caviar, and fruit into jelly, eggs into fluffy cake and herbs into foam. They can make spaghetti out of anything and looking at them work with syringes, tubes and chemical lab wear, I was more than intrigued. By changing the states of a natural food, you still get the whole range of flavor but carried by a different means, surprising your taste buds and having amazing fullness with very very little amounts and hardly any calories.

Chamomile caviar

Cranberry cubes and spherical yogurt with cranberry foam

40 second cake with vanilla cream

Avocado ice cream and rice crisps

You could call all of this fancy cocktail food, but I am looking at it as a chance to make things like fruits and vegetables, dairy and herbal teas into artful, delightful and novel experience minus the calories, sugar and possible guilt of regular desserts. Imagine a calorie free super tasty foamy herbal tea shake...I am sure you would order one! This type of cooking is also an option to make children intrigued with healthy foods and their preparation, since dropping yogurt into a calcium bath is a lot more like lab work than just eating it out of a container. The possibilities are limitless and if I manage to steal a few secrets from these amazing chef magicians, I will be sharing them with you very soon!

p.s. Apparently you can get your own starter kit and get real geeky with this :)

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