Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baba Marta salad

It's time for some Bulgarian folklore. Supposedly, Baba Marta is a grumpy old woman that gets angry in the month of March and often changes her mood affecting the weather. To please her, we wear red and white bracelets and pieces of thread ''jewelery'', that we give each other on March 1st and the following days. It's a beautiful and much anticipated holiday and we look forward to it with due excitement.

I like to take traditions further and while I was making this very red and white salad, I thought the name Baba Marta (grandma Marta) would suit it very much.

To make it for two, you need:
2 medium size beets, steamed and cut in pieces
3 oz white goat's feta cheese
some sunflower seeds for sprinkling on top
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
10 raisins

Place the beets first in the plate and season with the balsamic vinegar. Then, place the cheese, sunflower seeds and raisins and top with the olive oil. Enjoy this rich and earthy salad and it's red and white charm!

p.s. Something called Салата Баба Марта/Офицерска салата exists and it's onions, cheese and canned tomatoes. I'd never heard of it before, so this is probably Baba Marta salad ver 2.0.


  1. the bracelets are a Greek tradition as well - I just read of it here the other day

  2. forgot to add - the salad looks delish


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