Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oat crackers make breakfasts fun

Who says that crackers are just for lunch or parties? Why not have them in the morning?

My wonderful client Petya found out how filling organic rough oatmeal crackers can be. At only 38-40 calories per piece, they are a great companion to cheese and veggies.

With the holidays coming, I am thinking more and more of ways to make breakfasts fun and pretty. The crackers above are very simple and fun to make.

Avocado and cheese crackers

For three crackers use:

1/4 avocado, mixed with the juice of 1/4 lemon
1 oz grated Swiss cheese
2 dried tomatoes

Use the avocado paste to make a nice bed for the cheese and small pieces of dried tomatoes.

Cream cheese and tomato crackers

For three crackers use:

1. 5 oz cream cheese
2 cherry tomatoes

Spread cream cheese in a thick layer and place tomato on top.

Other options for spreading you can try:

olives pate
tomato pesto
ricotta cheese with herbs
garlic butter with herbs
tuna and sour cream
salmon and avocado
hot guacamole
spinach dip spread

Other toppings you can try:

pine nuts
fresh herbs
Parmesan cheese

Enjoy the holiday fun and stay healthy. Let me know how you cracker!

1 comment:

  1. In America, we do breakfast for dinner, so this will be perfect!

    Actually, they look really good. I'll bet Trader Joe's has some crackers along these lines.


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