Friday, October 9, 2009

Poached eggs on a bed of herbed feta

Poached eggs are a tender and wonderful way to serve eggs. While most of us are too busy to do anything like that at breakfast, lunch time is the best time to spend 10 minutes poaching the eggs instead of scrambling them. The consistency is new to the palette and they offer a softer inside than your traditional fried or scrambled eggs. Serving poached eggs on a bed of yogurt is a must in this part of the world, but I prefer to contrast the egg with something sharper, so I made this nicely balanced lunch instead.

For a single serving you would need 2 oz feta cheese and 2 eggs, but feel free to add more at your own will.

Use two burners and two pans. Fill the first with hot water and let it boil up. There should be enough water to cover the eggs.

While you are waiting for the water to boil, heat up the other pan pan on medium heat and add crumbled feta cheese. Sprinkle a spice of your choice on top: dried summer savory is my favorite, but you can also work with oregano, thyme or Italian seasoning. Wait until the feta starts to slightly brown, turn gently with a fork and cook until it's 1/3 browned. Place on a plate. If you are lucky, now your water is boiling and you are ready to carefully place the cracked eggs inside. Slide them is, so they do not separate and ruin. Some people have all sorts of crazy ways to pretend they are making perfect poached eggs, I think dropping them gently works wonders.

The eggs take about 5 minutes of poaching to be completely ready. If you want the yolk completely cooked, you should wait a few extra minutes until you can see the yolk hard under the cooked white. Touch it gently with a fork to see if it's ready.

Serve the egg on top of the cheese and if you are looking for even more flavor, brown a tad of butter and pour on top. The original recipe only has 300 calories, but they will fill you up for a few hours.

A nice touch is using quail eggs, but for the convenience of only cracking 2 instead of 20 most people stick with nice free range eggs, like the ones above.


  1. Serious DROOLAGE...I LOVE poached eggs...and I just bought feta....SO HAVING this this weekend! Thanks you're the best!!! 8)


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