Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 keep it simple breakfasts

Sometimes you are in a rush, like I usually am before my a.m. sessions with clients.
You may not have time for a breakfast that needs cooking, like a wonderful egg scramble or some hot oatmeal. If it's summertime, then a cold breakfast will do great. Here are my favorites from this week:

Fruit and Cheese, mmm
2 apricots and 3 oz of fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, well drained from the brine and cut up in slices.

Time to prepare: 1 minute
Time to eat: 3 minutes
Can you pack it and eat it in the car on the way: sure

PB and fruit yogurt: 1 cup thick plain yogurt, 2 apricots, 1 tbsp all natural peanut butter

time to prepare: 1 minute
time to eat: 3 minutes, if short in time, blend it and drink it
can you pack it to eat in the car on the way: not really, but a shake version is doable

You can substitute most fresh soft fruit or berries and be very happy with your fast keep it simple breakfasts. Enjoy :)


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