Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cheesy 1 egg fritatta

In Bulgaria, we would just call this Kashkavalka, after the name of the most common yellow ripe cheese.

Save this recipe for when you only have one egg left in the fridge, but still need the full and happy feeling of having had enough protein to start your day.

To make this thin and very delicious fritatta, you'll need:

1 egg
2 oz grated cheese (Kashkaval, Swiss, Cheddar, or Jack)
2 tbsp bran (oat or wheat)
1 tbsp flax seeds (cracked)

Mix all and pour in a pan, cooking on both sides, until golden brown. You don't need to put butter in the pan, since the cheese already has plenty of fat in it.

I like to serve this with olives and salsa, but I am sure a small green salad would go very well, too.

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